The Great Green Wall is humanity’s most audacious initiative fighting the global climate emergency. Best visualised as an 8000km ‘wall of trees’ spanning the entire width of the African Continent, the Great Green Wall is in fact much more than that: a burgeoning green corridor bringing life back to degraded landscapes, growing climate resilience, food security and jobs for the millions who live along its path. 

A recent landmark report by the United Nations - ‘The State of the Great Green Wall’ - highlights that a decade after it was first launched, the Wall is currently 18% underway. With the escalating climate emergency, a major step-change is needed to ensure that this African led dream becomes a reality. 

The Great Green Wall has captivated world leaders as a compelling solution to the climate crisis. But there is a disconnect between growing political support and on the ground ownership. 

This is a new campaign to bring fresh energy to the Great Green Wall. We call it the Great Green Frontline as it shifts focus to the frontline communities bringing its urgent vision to life. 

The Great Green Wall Frontline is inspiring a new generation of ownership, uniting communities across Africa.

Figure 1: Our model of social enterprise and blue carbon restoration.

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Here is our plan.